An International Bibliography on some Luminous Transient Phenomena in the Atmosphere



Renzo Cabassi (b. 1945) has been involved in ufology since the early ‘60s. A former director of Centro Unico Nazionale (CUN), he was the main force behind CNIFAA (Comitato Nazionale Indipendente per lo studio sui Fenomeni Aerei Anomali) in 1973 and the publisher of the world-acclaimed UFO Phenomena – International Annual Review (UPIAR, 1976-1984), the first refereed journal on this subject. A founding member (and later a director, coordinator of research projects) of CISU since 1985, he resigned in 2005 and is now an honorary member. His main interest since 2000 has been the Italian Committee for Project Hessdalen (CIPH). Address: via Irnerio, 17 – I-40126 Bologna, Italy; e-mail: cabassi@itacomm.net

Roberto Labanti (b. 1977) has been a CISU member since 1997 and was one of the founders of the CIPH in 2000. Since August 2005 he is the coordinator of the Luminous Phenomena in Atmosphere Commission of CISU and since November 2005 he is also a board member of the association. He lives in Bologna, Italy, and his e-mail address is: rlabanti@gmail.com

Edoardo Russo (b. 1959) has been active with a few UFO organizations (Gruppo Clypeus since 1976, CUN 1978-1985, CISU 1985-) and with the editorial boards of several UFO publications (notably: Ufologia, 1979-1984; Notiziario UFO, 1978-1984; UPIAR, 1981-1984; UFO - Rivista di informazione ufologica, 1986-; European Journal of Ufo and Abduction Studies, 2000-2003). He authored a few hundreds articles published both in Italian and in international UFO periodicals, plus several chapters in UFO books and the UFO Field investigation methodology manual. A board member of CISU since its foundation, he has also been one of the keepers of CISU wide archives and library for the last 20 years (and of the historical Archivio Clypeus in the 10 years before). Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele 108, I-10121 Torino, Italy; e-mail: e.russo@cisu.org

Massimo Silvestri (b. 1963) A member of CISU since 1995 and a founding member of CIPH in 2000, he’s particularly interested in EQL, seismic precursors and electrophonic sounds. He lives in Bologna, Italy, and his e-mail is: max.silve@alice.it

Giuseppe Stilo (b. 1965) has been a council member of Sezione Ufologica Fiorentina (SUF) since 1986 and an editorial staff member of the monthly Il Giornale dei Misteri between 1987 and 1997. Aformer member of CUN in 1986-1987, since 1988 he has been an active member of Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici (CISU), as a field investigator and regional coordinator for Tuscany, later as the editor-in-chief of its internal newsletter UFO Forum (2000-2001) and since 2002 he is one of the editors of CISU journal UFO - Rivista di informazione ufologica. A specialist in UFO storiography, he is the author of about one hundred articles, a few monographs and four books, as well as the coordinator of some research projects, among which the "Earth Lights Project", also keeping the database ELIA (Earth Lights International Archive) on places where localized, recurrent light phenomena are reported. Address: via Enrico Cravero, 31, I-10064 Pinerolo (TO), Italy; e-mail: giuseppe.stilo@usa.net


More details on each of the above projects may be found at CISU research projects website: http://www.ufodatanet.org

The CIPH website is available at: http://www.itacomm.net/ph






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