An International Bibliography on some Luminous Transient Phenomena in the Atmosphere



by Matteo Leone


In 1999 a Committee on Luminous Phenomena in the Atmosphere (Commissione Fenomeni Luminosi in Atmosfera, FLA) was created within the Italian Center for UFO Studies (Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici, CISU) in order to coordinate some already existing projects aiming to collect data and documentation about not-UFO but UFO-like luminous phenomena:

  • BLITA: Italian catalogue of Ball Lightning reports (coordinator: Paolo Toselli);
  • EQL: Earth-Quake Lights Project (coordinator: Massimo Silvestri);
  • EL: Earth Lights Project (coordinator: Giuseppe Stilo);
  • HP: Hessdalen Phenomena Project (coordinator: Renzo Cabassi).

The FLA committee has been headed by veteran researcher Renzo Cabassi until 2005, when he resigned and was replaced by Roberto Labanti.

The FLA committee members have since published several articles and three monographs in Italian:

  • Giuseppe Stilo, Luci lontane (2001): a detailed report on the recurrent "ghost lights" at Berbenno in the late 1900ís, plus a chronological bibliography of 660 entries on earth lights;
  • Massimo Silvestri, EQL: introduzione alle luci sismiche (2001): an introduction to the earth-quake lights phenomena;
  • Paolo Toselli, BLITA: Italian Ball Lightning Database (2001): a detailed catalogue of 184 Italian reports of ball lightning sightings.

In 2000, Cabassi and eight other CISU members transformed the HP project into an autonomous Italian Committee for Project Hessdalen (Comitato Italiano per il Progetto Hessdalen, CIPH), meant to help the Norwegian Hessdalen Project. The CIPH has since organized and funded five scientific/technical expeditions to the Norwegian valley where recurrent phenomena have been monitored since 1983.

The collection and cataloguing of a specialized bibliography on each of the above subjects have been and is a primary activity of the FLA committee. This UPIAR monograph includes 2,955 entries and is the updated state-of-the-art of this documentation effort.

The authors are eager to get more re ferences as well as corrections, and contributions are invited.






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