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Marcus Allen has been the United Kingdom Editor of Nexus Magazine since 1994 and has been researching the crop circle phenomenon since 1992.

Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos is Research Director and 2nd Vice President of Fundacion Anomalia based in Spain. He has researched ufological matters for over 30 years and in this time has authored five books and many papers, working with the likes of Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Dr. Jacques Vallée and Richard Haines. He has written for many journals and organizations including Flying Saucer Review, Mutual UFO Network, International UFO Reporter and the Center for UFO Studies.

Antonio Carvalha is part of the SIFOL group based in Portugal. He has experience in field observation and field research within ufology. He is interested in the computer analysis of sightings alongside theoretical aspects of UFO activity and the progression of ufology through history.

Dan Farcas, Ph.D., received his doctorate in mathematics in 1978 and is a member of the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences. He is also Vice-President of the Romanian Association for Medical Informatics and the Romanian UFO group ASFAN. He has authored several books in Romanian including Extraterrestrials Among Us (1992), Close Encounters of the 4th Kind (1996) and the current UFOs From the Other Realm (1999). His main area of expertise is abductions and religion.

Joaquim Fernandes is the co-founder of the National Committee on Aerial Phenomenon (CNIFO) formed in Porto, Portugal in 1982. He is the co-founder of the Portuguese Society for Scientific Exploration (SPEC) also formed in Portugal, in 1997. Joaquim researches into the historical and religious components of the so-called "anomalous phenomena" through Portuguese History, for example the Fatima Apparitions of 1917 as reported in his book The Fatima Apparitions and the UFO Phenomena (1995). Joaquim currently works at the University Fernando Pessoa in Porto, Portugal.

David Kingston, SRSW, has been investigating the UFO phenomena since 1957 whilst serving in the military. He has written many articles for magazines & journals both in the UK and around the world. He has appeared on numerous TV and radio documentaries. He has lectured on the subject of ufology for many years too. He has also been training CSETI field teams in Dorset and Devon since 1997. He also runs Remote Viewing Courses based on techniques taught in the military.

Pyotr Kutniuk, Ph.D., currently work on the problem of population genetics of poultry in the Ukraine. His interests include cosmology, archaeology, and quantm mechanisms. He has researched into diverse areas such as the Shroud of Turín, Tunguska and UFO "contact" with extraterrestrial civilizations. He is part of the RIAP group in Ukraine.

Yuri E. Lozotsev, Ph.D., has researched ufological matters since 1970, being a member of the Voronezh Joint Anomalous Phenomena Research Committee. From 1984 and the Head of Scientific Research of the same Committee until 1992. His areas of interest and expertise include theoretical aspects of phenomena defying the laws of mainstream science, physical evidence related to ufological-type sightings (mostly mechanical) plus telepathy.

Perry Petrakis has 25 years of research experience of ufology. He is a professional journalist and has conducted many investigations on varying aspects of ufology. He is the curret editor of the journal Phénomèna and has an interest in psycho-social aspects of the abduction phenomena and the early days of ufology. He is part of the SOS-OVNI group based in France.

Joao Paulo Lima da Silva Rocha is also part of the SIFOL group based in Portugal. His main research angle is into the social impact of UFO cases and extraterrestrial life. He is also interested in the computer analysis of UFO cases, image analysis and the use of hypnosis in abduction cases.

Edoardo Russo, M.A. was editor-in-chief of the pioneering journal Clypeus - UFO and Fortean Phenomena (later Ufologia) from 1977-1984. He also co-edited UFO Phenomena International Annual Review and UPIAR Research in Progress. He has been an active member for Centro Ufologico Nazionale (CUN) but currently is President of the Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici (CISU), a group he helped to co-found in 1985. He has written many influential papers including investigators handbooks for both CUN and CISU and ones published in International UFO Reporter, MUFON UFO Journal, FSR, Phénomèna and the BUFORA Journal.

The editor-in-chief, Craig Roberts, B.Sc. (Hons), is part of the TRUTH organization based in the United Kingdom. He completed a degree in Psychology in 1995 and his dissertation examined the role of psychology in ufology. This was published as a book: Des Mensch als Teil des UFO-Phenomens (GEP, Germany, 1997). He has had articles published in Awareness and the New Ufologist. He has created the only educationally recognized course in ufology in the United Kingdom where students can study six modules up to the standard of Advanced Level. The course takes two years to complete and is comphehensive, looking at all angles of ufology. This success has led him to lecture at the Association for the Teaching of Psychology and British Psychological Society Conferences on the psychological aspects of ufology. He is co-founder of TRUTH (Totton Researchers of Ufology Theory and History) and EJUFOAS alongside students from the ufology course. His interests lie in the psychology of ufology especially hypnosis and abduction recall, theoretical aspects of psychological-ufology equation, research methods in ufology and many other aspects of this fascinating subject. He is currently studying for is Ph.D. in Anthozoology

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